Lukas Gets Some Seattle Soul…

Seattle is like a cool big brother you just want to be around. The kind of guy who hangs out in record stores and listens to grunge music. Covered in tattoos. Works in a hipster bar. Drinks coffee. Escapes to the mountains…


Nestled almost organically between those mountains, the sea and evergreen forests, is one of America’s most magnetic, naturally wondrous cities. There is power in a place like Seattle. An energy that draws you in deep with its fresh alpine air and bustling water front, always leaving you gasping for more. The city, its surroundings and its people are nothing short of beautiful. Thus being the perfect location to gather thought leaders in education and celebrate humanity.

This August, Lukas attended and spoke at the Korczak Conference 2018. Four days dedicated to one of history’s greatest humanitarians. Janusz Korczak was a Polish paediatrician, author and advocate of children, who walked alongside 198 of his orphans to a concentration camp during the holocaust. He refused salvation several times and perished with the children and staff of his orphanage. Korczak’s teachings revolve around the happiness of children and his works are still relevant today, more so now than ever. With placing the child at the centre of learning, Lukas had to be part of this event and what a pleasure it was learning, sharing and celebrating innovative education for our little future leaders. 

Lukas shared what impacted him the most: “To see people carrying on the spirit of Korczak. The more research they do into this style of teaching and the more scientific evidence they find that supports it, makes it more relevant than ever in the teaching of today’s children.”

It was a feast in connection, with a side of sadness. The gravity of one man’s life work and commitment really hit home for Lukas. He returned to Australia feeling inspired, connected and refreshed. Upon his return, Lukas was asked by the Janusz Korczak Association of the USA to share his philosophies on paper by writing a chapter for a book being published for American educators. The book will outline the relevance of Korczak’s lessons in today’s teachings, named How to Love, Respect and Trust your students. We are busy working on the first draft and can’t wait to share it with you :)