Sustainability - What it is and why we should practice kindness toward our planet.

Sustainable living is based on four main pillars:

    1.    Minimising waste

    2.    Limiting the use of Earth’s natural resources

    3.    Conscious, wise use of the environment

    4.    Ensuring quality working/living environments

If you ever enjoyed time at the beach, in the country or among trees in the forest, as a child (or an adult) then living a sustainable life and caring for the environment should be part of your daily routine. Sustainability is about making conscious decisions to enable future generations to experience the planet we have the privilege of enjoying in all its beautiful, natural entirety. Here’s how you can kickstart your sustainable journey:

Green Goals - Go get ‘em! 9 ways you can start living a more sustainable Wearthy life:

    •    Use reusable shopping bags

    •    Buy second-hand when new isn’t necessary

    •    Take shorter showers

    •    Hang dry when possible

    •    Build a compost pile

    •    Unplug electronics when not in use

    •    Cut down on unwanted mail

    •    Walk when you don’t have to drive

    •    Plant a tree

“Once our personal connection to what is wrong becomes clear, then we have to choose: we can go on as before, recognising our dishonesty and living with it the best we can, or we can begin the effort to change the way we think and live.” - Wendell Berry

Lukas Ritson