The Playful Beginnings of Human Flourishing

Children, our little big inspirations - Why we want kids to be kids and how it drives us to create change.

Remember when you were a child; playing outside, climbing trees, grazing elbows, laughing, crying, exploring, dreaming, discovering? For many, these are some of the fondest memories we have. A time when responsibility was absent, when freedom was abundant and we were discovering the foundation of who we were going to become.

“Children are happy because they don’t have a file in their minds called ‘All the Things That Could Go Wrong.” - Marianne Williamson

While play builds brain pathways for lifelong skills, such as empathy, creativity and confidence, it also impacts a child’s cognitive and motor skills. Essentially, play is learning. And what better place for children to learn than outside where senses are heightened, imagination is activated and relationships begin to flourish (with nature, with others and equally importantly with themselves).

This is what motivates us to create environments for children to develop into kind, compassionate humans. If we can offer kids the platform and give them the tools, then their curiosity and initiative takes over - allowing a world of discovery and wonder. We want children to take risks, be brave and experience the outdoors like we did growing up. If this can assist in turning them into conscious, respectful young adults then our work is almost done. But the fun doesn’t stop there! We like educating adults too :) You can find (and even book) Lukas speaking at centres across Australia on all things sustainability and risky play.

Lukas Ritson