Our Vision

The playful beginnings of human flourishing.


We are a small business that has grown organically over the last five years. Led by Lukas Ritson (Founder, Educator and Public Speaker), we are passionate about nature, connection and believe that it is every child’s rite to play, as well as to experience and develop a sense of belonging. We believe in a universal humanity where children can feel positive about the future - a future that is theirs and to which they can contribute.

Our Goal

To create a new generation that sets the human race on a path to sustainable flourishing.

Our Missions (we have a few)

To set the standard for education through play and put the development of the child first.
To bring our expertise of sustainability, including the sustainable development of children, to educators and schools across Australia.
To enable all children to access play for their development.

Our Values

Focus on the Child’s Development - Sustainability - Education - Play - Respect - Connection

Our Purpose

To support the development of children in becoming kind, resilient, independent and thoughtful people who connect with nature and whose developmental needs are met through well-designed play environments.

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Lukas Ritson
Founder & Educator

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