Elements of Play



We learn from our environment, and to understand our environment we use our senses - therefore our senses have to be activated or turned on. Today we more commonly see a lack of sensory experience in nature because of varying cultural factors, including screen time. We feel that it is our responsibility to create opportunities for sensory exploration within our environment.

Benefits of sensory play:

  • Build neural pathways and nerve connections

  • Supports growth and development through motor skills, problem solving and social interaction

  • Develops memory function

  • Exploration of texture and temperature

Examples of sensory elements: 

  • Mud kitchen

  • Sand pit

  • Gardens and garden beds

  • Sensory plants

  • Rock edging and rock river beds

  • Water play - water pumps

  • Elements with contrasting textures

  • Rope

  • Natural elements such as timber over plastic

Sensory development - Water Play.