The outdoors is an extension of the classroom...


When children and educators feel part of their environment, it allows play and learning to flow in an organic way, and nature is utilised as the valuable resource that it is. Outdoor learning allows us to feel connected to nature, in all its wonder and beauty. 


We have been embedding sustainable practices into early childhood from the very beginning. If we can teach children (and educators) how to contribute and take ownership of their environment, then their futures are bright and full of opportunities for many generations to come. Using our in-depth understanding of the importance of social, developmental, economical and environmental sustainability, we have flourishingly designed over forty outdoor environments Australia-wide that challenge and create confidence in children.. 

Want to GROW?

We’ve now launched The Outdoor Educator - our very own online learning program to deepen your knowledge of sustainability and risky play. The short course is full of video classes, practical tools and ideas to start implementing straight away.