Sustainability Learning Environments

We see the outdoors as an extension of the classroom...


Outdoor learning promotes children and teachers to feel connected to nature and the environment. When children and teachers feel part of their environment it allows play and learning to flow in an organic way and the environment to be utilised as the valuable resource that it is. 


We are proud to be a consistent contributor to the way sustainability is embedded into early childhood. Using our in-depth understanding of the importance of social, developmental, economical and environmental sustainability, we have successfully designed over thirty outdoor environments Australia-wide that challenge and create confidence in children. 

We specialise in creating outdoor learning environments that foster learning from our greatest teacher - Mother Earth. Our learning playgrounds feature natural elements to allow for sensory exploration and give children the chance to care for their environment - nurturing a sense of responsibility and connectedness to nature at all times. 

For South East Queensland clients, we also have an Outdoor Educator weekly service available. 

Want to learn more?

We’ve now launched The Outdoor Educator - our very own online learning program to deepen your knowledge about sustainability and risky play. It’s packed full of video classes and practical tools and ideas to start implementing straight away.