Inspiring generational change.


In the yard

Our hardworking team in the field are dedicated to quality workmanship, bringing out the best in nature, minimising disruption to the centre and communicating clearly with staff. 


Project Manager
Kurt Dummer

With over ten years building experience, Kurt's workmanship and carpentry skills have become a trademark of a Wearthy playground. Kurt is an essential member of the Wearthy team - both on site and in the vision of the business. 

Leading Hand
Ryan Black

Our newest member of the Wearthy crew is Ryan Black. Ryan is also known as the Lifestyle Dad and complements the Wearthy culture with his approach to life and consideration of the environment. We look forward to supporting him grow within this role.

General Labour
Jed Radford

Our youngest team member, Jed, is quick to learn and has become a great support to his team mates. We're stoked that Jed has relocated to Brisbane from Gympie to continue working with us.




Communications Cheerleader
Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin is very much the voice of Wearthy. She handles social media content and posting as well as managing public speaking and training bookings. Caitlin is our content gal and contributes to Wearthy creative and marketing.

If you're interested in having Lukas speak at your Centre or conference - get in touch with Caitlin.


Vision & Strategy


Founder & Educator




Vision and Strategy
Vanessa Ritson

Vanessa is the juggler behind the scenes of Wearthy. Since the beginning of Own Grown Organics in 2013 and later Wearthy in 2018, Vanessa has worn the hats of marketing, design, accounts, operations, vision and strategy. She spent over a decade working in Advertising and Production, managing boutique creative agencies in the UK, UAE and Sydney, Australia. Vanessa and Lukas met in Dubai in 2010 and got married in 2013. In 2012 she decided to follow her intuition towards a sustainable lifestyle and became a yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. She taught classes and facilitated teacher training for five years while having two beautiful children and creating a business with Lukas. 


Lukas is fondly known as The Outdoor Educator. He is a father of two, sustainability educator and the co-founder of Wearthy, previously Own Grown Organics. More importantly, Lukas is passionate about the outdoors, community sustainability, and children’s development. With a background in early childcare as an Outdoor Educator, Lukas has developed and implemented successful outdoor programs that nurture sustainable development.

Today, he shares these learnings at seminars, conferences and private trainings across Australia and Internationally. In August this year he spoke at the International Korczak Conference in Seattle, and in November 2017 he was invited to share his philosophy at the Council for Creative Education (CCE) Symposium in Finland. Since speaking in Finland, Lukas has been collaborating with CCE to create a new teaching curriculum for teachers in training in Africa and India.

Lukas’s content focuses on sustainability and play in education. Using his industry experience in education and outdoor environments, Lukas supports communities through the creative transformation of inspiring and purposeful outdoor environments while meeting the standards, regulations and desired learning outcomes for the children.

In June this year we launched The Outdoor Educator - an online training platform to learn more about risky play and sustainability with practical tools for implementation.

To learn more, visit The Outdoor Educator.

Founder and Educator
Lukas Ritson