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Join our online tribe! We’ve taken years of Lukas’s knowledge and practice and bundled it all into one place - at The Outdoor Educator, with weekly video tutorials and exercises plus plenty of information to guide you in creating your very own Outdoor Play Programs.

As an Outdoor Educator, one of Lukas's favourite roles was creating sustainable play scenarios and learning outcomes with children. These opportunities allowed the kids to understand and value their environment through risky play and cultivating food. He viewed his role as integral to embedding sustainable practices into the Centre and wider community. This was achieved by acknowledging the interconnectedness of the environment, society and the economy, which in turn promoted sustainable development. 

The Outdoor Educator teaches you how to support children's development through these important principles. Lukas takes you on a journey with video e-classes and shares his insight and experience on how to implement sustainability, risky play and outdoor practices into your Centre.


Talking ‘bout a Revolution

Formally an outdoor educator, Lukas has worked alongside educators in encouraging children to explore and respect their natural environment. Lukas created a unique outdoor play program that embraced the natural environment in a way that is consistent with the principles and outcomes of the NQS (National Quality Standards) and EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework). Lukas is passionate about sharing this program and philosophy with other centres to work towards it becoming a standard practice across Australia. 



Be empowered by the benefits of risky play! In these engaging workshops, Lukas delves into the world of play by taking a look at what's happening in the brains and bodies of children during risky play, as well as defining risk verses hazard and what is fundamentally safe. 

After the workshop, you will understand all six categories of risky play as a framework to create diverse learning and growth outcomes that support the physiology and psychology of children. 

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A practical and informative session that aims to take the understanding of sustainability to a deeper level. Be prepared to go beyond recycling and composting! Instead, explore the meaning of social sustainability (the least understood type of sustainability) to understand how everyday interaction with it has a direct impact on us as adults and educators and how we can contribute to the sustainable development of children - the adults of tomorrow.

This interactive and fun session will bring this theory to life as we explore the impact of the outdoor environment and its effect on play, learning and sustainable development.

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