What we do

Natural Learning.


We are proud creators of sustainable lifestyle and education environments that consider the health of our children, our future and our earth. 


Outdoor learning in the early years.


We specialise in creating outdoor play environments that foster natural learning and build confidence in young children. Our learning playgrounds feature natural elements to allow for sensory exploration and give children the chance to care for their environment - nurturing a sense of responsibility and connectedness to nature at all times. 

We visit each centre to meet their staff and children and directly address their learning goals with a unique design for their outdoor learning environment. Our design philosophy is aligned to play-based learning and incorporates elements of beneficial risk with expert consideration for NQS, EYLF and OH&S.

By incorporating natural elements as the valuable resources they are, we create massive positive change in the educational practices that impact children, educators, families and communities. 


One of our missions is to bring our expertise of sustainability, including the sustainable development of children, to educators and Centres across Australia and the world. When you receive a Wearthy environment you receive a fully integrated network of play, learning and support. Our service extends beyond the building - we want to ensure that the children and staff at your Centre enjoy all the fun and learning outcomes that the natural environment has to offer. 


100% retention rate of families where the play environment has been renovated.



Natural learning environments. 


More centres today are ready to embrace the opportunities that the great outdoors provide. Utilising our experience, education and training, we can design, build and certify a sustainable play and outdoor learning environment for your centre. Whether it's a brand new build or a refurb of what you already have, we can provide a detailed and unique concept for your centre, including innovative and capturing play elements that take into account the regulations and risky play. 

We pride ourselves on our designs and high-quality workmanship. Everything we do is customised for your centre. We are conscious of our environmental impact and source sustainably and look for products that are long-lasting and non-toxic.

Also in keeping with our Wearthy philosophy, our outdoor learning environments incorporate functional and sustainable learning features such as edible gardens, composting and water tanks, as well as chicken coops.

We offer a complete package to transform your centre - from design, build and installation to certification, maintenance and education. 

Concept Development

In a design workshop we review your short and long term goals and work towards your budget to create a concept for your purpose-built play environment. 

Build and Installation

We bring in a full team for demolition, construction, planting and turf. We work with your team to submit your waiver application and are present onsite to meet with the Department for licensing (new build) or clearance.


Lukas is a fully-qualified playground certifier which not only means he can design your playground with the Australian Standards in mind, but can also certify relevant structures as they are built.

Transition and Training

Once installation is complete, Lukas will take your educators through how to maximise the learning opportunities in the environment as well as how to care for, maintain and assess it. 

Professional Development

A great option for Centres to further embed and create a culture around sustainability and child-centred learning. Lukas runs professional development workshops for Embedding Sustainable Practices in Early Childcare and Risky Play, and also conducts Sustainability Audits. These can be arranged at any time via Centre Support


Other services. 

Community Engagement - Yarrabilba 

Community Engagement - Yarrabilba 


In and around Brisbane, you can find community gardens and urban rooftop spaces that have been lovingly created by our team. Our first rooftop garden can be found on the Mezzanine level of Hotel Jen, Roma Street. From the rooftop garden, the Hotel produces an abundance of produce from their garden beds - including herbs for the kitchen and bar, as well as lavender for their turn-down service. 

We are grateful to contribute to the local community through our work with Reclink Australia, providing work readiness services to job seekers. From 2013 to 2016, we were proud to be involved in the design and project management of dozens of community spaces around Brisbane. 


We thrive on sharing our passion with our clients and empowering them to take control of the intentions they have created. We can provide a customised coaching service so that you can learn and get the most out of your gardening. Alternatively, we can provide ongoing service and maintenance of your garden. Workshops for groups and children are available.

With your own fresh food resource in your back yard, you can be assured that the food you source is 100% organic, nurtured and grown lovingly.


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